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Ranking the quick service locations of the Magic Kingdom

Where is somewhere quick that I can eat at Disney? We frequently eat at quick-service restaurants at the Magic Kingdom to save money – the average entree costs around $12. The quick-service locations are definitely easier on your wallet. Not only that, you can sit down, cool off and be on your way much quicker than if you are visiting a table service. So you are saving much-needed ride/ attraction time. That being said there are definitely some hit and miss places. Here I have included a couple of my favorite options.


Be Our Guest Restaurant is located in Fantasyland inside of the Beast’s Castle. It is one of the most popular dining locations at Walt Disney World due to the awesome atmosphere and affordable price tag. Be Our Guest transforms into Table service for dinner and a reservation is mandatory. Even though it is a quick service, I recommend getting a reservation for breakfast and lunch as well. The lines can become pretty long during the day. There are three different dining rooms at Be Our Guest, the Grand Ballroom, West Wing, and the Castle Gallery. The theming is out of this world incredible – it truly is an experience to eat here. The menu is French-inspired. I found that breakfast is better than lunch. Make sure to order the master's cupcake so you can try the grey stuff, it's delicious!

*Magic Dust Recommendation: French Toast with pastries


Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe is located in Frontierland close to Splash Mountain. The menu is Southwest with nachos, fajitas, and tacos, but they also have burgers as a fallback option. There is plenty of indoor seating in an air-conditioned space and some outdoor seating as well. What makes Pecos Bill a great value is massive the toppings bar. There are so many toppings, that we found ourselves making a side salad. The toppings bar includes shredded Monterey Jack cheese, banana peppers, onions, sour cream, roasted corn, tomatoes, Chipotle Ranch dressing, salsa verde, salsa, limes, Pico de Gallo, and Guacamole.

*Magic Dust Pick: Chicken Fajita Platter


Sleepy Hollow Inn is a Liberty Square quick-service restaurant at the Magic Kingdom that is self-described as a “refreshments” stand. Although it has ‘refreshment stand’ in its name, this location's overall quality makes it worthy of being listed as a counter service restaurant, even if Disney doesn't technically do so. There is limited outdoor seating in the shadows of Cinderella Castle. The smell of funnel cakes and waffles will draw you right into this line. This is a great place to use those snack credits for the Disney dining plan. Note that this location has only one window the lines get long so I would avoid it during peak dining times. 

*Magic Dust Pick: Sweet-and-Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich


Casey’s Corner, on the corner of Main Street USA close to the main hub in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Casey's is a Disney fan favorite for hot dogs. There is something nostalgic about eating a hot dog in the Magic Kingdom. It makes you feel like a real American! You feel like you are in a baseball concession stand from the old days. Cast Members dress in baseball uniforms, just like the players on the Mudville nine. There are several nostalgic decor nods to Coca-Cola in the form of vintage Tiffany lights and stained glass. The quality here isn't great, but again it is a hot dog. There is quite a bit of outside seating, but there is almost always a crowd here.

*Magic Dust Pick: Corn Dog Nuggets Meal


Pinocchio Village Haus is a quick-service restaurant at the edge of old Fantasyland and New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom just outside of the It's a Small World attraction. This location actually has indoor seating with a view of the loading area for the Small World attraction. There is plenty of indoor seating including a rarely used upstairs portion. As far as the decor goes, there are murals depicting scenes from Pinocchio paying homage to the Disney favorite. Pinocchio’s Village Haus is known for flatbread pizzas and salads.

*Magic Dust Pick: Barbecue Chicken Flatbread


Located in Tomorrowland, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe is fast food from the future! It's a typical fast-food joint, with the entertainment of Sonny Eclipse. Cosmic Ray’s has a great variety of food on the menu and includes items for those eating vegetarian as well. The atmosphere, other than Sonny, is pretty outdated (think 1980's future decor). There are different counters for different types of food, so be sure to look at a full menu before you order from any particular one. One of the best parts of this restaurant is a fantastic toppings bar. A common criticism is that it’s tough to get meals fo families because everyone usually wants items from different Bays and the kids are too young to go get their own.

*Magic Dust Pick: Mickey Cheeseburger


Columbia Harbour House is a counter service restaurant in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, specializing in seafood, but serving a few other options, as well. The Columbia Harbour House is a large restaurant, but if it seems a bit crowded or if you just want a different vantage point, there's additional seating upstairs (it's normally quieter as well). The decor is that of a New England seaside tavern. I liken the Harbour House to a Long John Silver fast food restaurant. It's definitely a change in the typical quick service theme park menu.

*Magic Dust Pick: Lobster Roll


These places didn't make the cut for quick service meals, but are actually some great locations for a snack! Try them out next time you are at the Magic Kingdom!

ALOHA ISLE - Magic Dust Pick: Dole Whip Swirl Float

- CHESHIRE CAFE - Magic Dust Pick: Cheshire Cat Tail

- GASTON'S TAVERN - Magic Dust Pick: Gaston's Cinnamon Roll

- STORYBOOK TREATS - Cotton Candy Arendelle Aqua Cone

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